Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Favor Cake

I was inspired to make this cake by a pie I seen on the cricut mb using tbbm. I believe that they made it for thanksgiving. Sorry that the quality of the pictures is bad, I used my camera phone because my camera is broken.

I'm making the cake for my little cousins sweet sixteen tea party. The favor boxes are going to be filled with goodies that my aunt bought, i think it was mini nail files and lip glosses.

The first tier is cut at 9 1/2 , the second is cut at 8 and the third at 7. i used me and my big ideas victorian paper that I got from joanns when it was on sale for 6 for .96 cents. It took 9 favor boxes for one layer. I placed the the first layer on a styrofoam board that I covered with paper. These pictures arent of the final cake because I handed it off to my aunt so she can fill it with the items she bought but I will take a picture of it at the tea party and post it on Monday. Well thanks for looking.


maria said...

This cake is so cute, I love it

"Florellis" aka Steph said...

that is such a creative idea!! i'm going to have to file this one away in the idea book. :) thanks for sharing! (i found you from the cricut mb thread)


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