Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Scraproom/ Bedroom

So here is my scraproom. I made a couple of minor changes since these pics were taken but the layout is pretty much the same.

my skittles

Okay so here are some of my skittles, the ones in the plastic embellishment case are altered using tim holtz alcohol inks. I had fun making these and love the colors I made mixing the dyes.

Our new furbaby Simon

Simon is a Chi-poo and has warmed our hearts since we got him. I have to admit though having a puppy is like having a new baby, alot of work

My cricut cartridge holder

This is my altered snapware ribbon container. I use it to hold my cricut carts, keypads, and books. My friend's dear hubby made me some inserts for the bottom section so my carts wouldnt go flying every where.

baby boy gift box

I made this box to hold some onesie's that I made using iron-on's. I love the color scheme of this and it was so easy to make.

Teachers Appreciation Day candy box

This is a box I made using tbbm, it was made for my son's teacher for teachers appreciation day. I filled it with Hershey Nuggets that were wrapped in coordinating paper. Thanks for looking.


My Scrapbook Room Part 1

My Scrapbook Room Part 2