Friday, June 6, 2008

8x8 baby album

I made this album for a co-worker of my fathers, I had short notice so I finished it in a day and a half. All 30 pages. Enjoy!


Emily012473 said...

FREAKING AMAZING that you did this ALL in a day and a half! FANTASTIC, Melissa, SERIOUSLY (I know, I am NEVER serious, but it's AWESOME!) GREAT JOB! :)
Emily012473, aka Emily

The Donna said...

is this what you do for a living? just curious.

melissaj said...

Yes it is the Donna ;-)

Erin said...

A day and a half???!!! My oldest is almost 6 and I haven't scrapped any of her baby photos. If only I could put something together that quickly, I would be all caught up:)It is really adorable! Awesome work!


Bren said...

Awesome baby book! Love everything. The papers are gorgeous!!!



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